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Introduction to "The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation": Editors

Quick References

Editor Names
General Rules.........................R15.2
Institutional Abbreviations.............T6
Geographical Terms....................T10

Typeface Conventions

Editor and translator names are in regular typeface in a parenthetical at the end of the citation.


This guide is currently being updated to reflect the recent changes made in The Bluebook (20th edition). Please be aware that pages containing this notice may contain out-of-date information.

General Rules for Author Names

The editor or translator is indicated in a parenthetical at the end of the citation. Some general rules are given below:

Generally - Give the editor/translator's full name as it appears on the publication, followed by "ed." or "trans."

Institutional Editors - Use the institution's full name, abbreviating according to Table 6 and Table 10 if the result is unambiguous.

No Named Parties - If the work has no named author, editor, or translator, designate the publisher instead.

Editor Abbreviations

What should you abbreviate when naming an editor?

  • Words in Table 6 and Rule 10.2.1(c)
  • Geographic regions in Table 10
  • Common acronyms in Rule 6.1(b) (e.g. NAACP, FCC)


If the editor is also the translator, indicate such by including "ed." and "trans.," in that order, separated by a comma.