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International Law: State Practice

General Research Process

Researching "Customary International Law" can seem like an elusive process. According to International Legal Research in a Nutshell, the basic outline for conducting such research might take a form such as this:

  • Basic reference tools (See General Resources/Tools Tab)
  • Commentary/analysis (See General Resources Tab)
  • International law decisions (See International Tribunals Tab)
  • Treaties/agreements (See Treatises Tab)
  • State practice
  • International governmental organizations (IGO) practice
  • National laws (See National Laws Tab)
  • Fact-based research

Hoffman, M., & Berring, R. C. (2017), pp. 72-73. International legal research in a nutshell. St. Paul, MN: West Academic Publishing.

This tab focuses on sources needed to locate materials known as "State Practice."

US State Practice Sources

International Yearbooks

Yearbooks are available from HeinOnline for a variety of different countries and regions. This could be a good start when reviewing national laws and cases on issues of public international law.