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Environmental Law: International Environmental Law

Research Guides for International Environmental Law

CALI Lesson on International Environmental Law

Int'l Environmental Law Periodicals

This list focuses on journals that are either specific to the field of international environmental law or that regularly include articles on international environmental law. Reviewing articles in a journal is a great way to keep abreast of current topics in an area of law. For research purposes, try a search in one of the legal databases or in one of our featured indexes found in the "Journals" tab of this guide.

Treatises on International Environmental Law

Books on International Environmental Law

This is not a comprehensive list of titles on the field of International Environmental Law, but is only a representation of some of the types of titles we house in our collection. For additional titles, try a search in our Murphy catalog. You can search by keyword, or you might try to search using a subject heading, such as "Environmental Law, International," "Climatic Changes," "Marine Pollution," "Natural Resources," "Shore Protection," or "Sustainable Development." For additional suggestions in subject heading searches, please see a librarian.

Locating Treaties

One of the primary texts that must be considered with regard to IEL research consists of international agreements, such as treaties, conventions, etc. This section provides researchers with some ideas and databases to help locate treaties. 

Locating Legislation

In addition to treaties, conventions, etc., researchers may also find it necessary to review the legislation of a particular nation. This section will help researchers to locate the legislation of foreign nations.