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Business Organizations: Secondary Sources


This section contains a variety of secondary sources, including, but not limited to, electronic databases and treatises, academic journals, treatises, encyclopedias, and other monographs.

Also provided are links to physical books contained in the Law Library's collection. Although the Law Library's hours are limited due to the ongoing pandemic, students are still able to access and borrow those items for which they have borrowing privileges. More information about the Law Library's circulation and access policies can be located here.

Electronic Databases & Treatises

Westlaw Business Organization Agreements
Business Organization Agreements is the new destination for researching the documents, contracts and agreements commonly associated with business organization transactions. Containing business organization agreements, contracts, and other documents filed as exhibits with the SEC, Business Organization Agreements provides a wealth of information and practical guidance to consider as models for similar transactions. 

Westlaw Limited Liability Company Handbook
Full text of Limited Liability Company Handbook, is a guide to the most important new form of business organization to emerge in recent years that includes state-by-state coverage of limited liability companies (LLCs); forms for LLC articles and operating agreements; and a discussion of the tax status of LLCs, including a complete summary and analysis of the IRS "check-the-box" rules and the text of relevant IRS revenue and private letter rulings. The treatise also contains a discussion of how LLCs stack up against S and C corporations and partnerships, citations to all available LLC statutes, and coverage of the emergence of the LLC as an alternative entity to the professional corporation. 

Lexis Corporate Counsel Resources
Provides access to a wide array of resources related to the representation and organization of corporate entities. Notably, this includes access to up-to-date Securities and Exchange Commission filings through EDGAR.

Study Aids & Casebooks

The Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction provides a wide variety of electronic resources for learning and studying for courses in a variety of topics. Below are links to a selection of CALI resources which pertain to Business Organizations.

Of particular importance is the CALI Business Associations & Corporations Lessons by Subject Outline, which comprehensively lists CALI resources on subtopics pertaining to Business Organizations.

CALI Study Aids & Lessons

Business Associations
Tax – Corporate Taxation 
Tax – Partnership Taxation 
Tax – S Corporation Taxation 
Tax – Taxation of Business Entities 

Online Study Aids

Students and instructors have electronic access to all Wolters Kluwer titles within the newly-set up VitalSource repository, but are limited to 7 title downloads. This service is for students who lost access to their purchased book or library resources due to a shift from in-person to online access. For more information regarding the VitalSource Helps Program, please read the full press release

VitalSource Helps Access Instructions: 

  1. To get started, students and instructors should visit and log-in or create a Bookshelf account with a Detroit Mercy email address. 
  2. Log in and click on the “Explore” tab in the upper left corner of the screen. This tab provides access to the freely available e-textbooks. 

Please note that at this time, student downloads are limited to 7 titles and trial access will expire on Monday, May 25th, 2020. 

Students and faculty can also go directly to where they will be prompted to login or create an account, and then they can redeem the products they need immediately. This will only provide you with access to your Wolters Kluwer/Aspen coursebook(s). 

West provides access to Practical Law Course Study Collections on the following topics: 

Business Courses 

  • Antitrust
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Business Organizations & Associations 
  • Contracts 
  • Federal Corporate Taxation 
  • Secured Transactions 

Resources from the Law Library Collection

General Resources

Limited Liability Companies