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Selected Topics in Criminal Law-Seminar  

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Whose Body Is it Anyway?: Justice and the Integrity of the Person - Cécile Fabre
Call Number: K627 .F32 2008
ISBN: 019953229X
Publication Date: 2008
In the prevailing liberal ethos, if there is one thing that is beyond the reach of others, it is our body in particular, and our person in general: our legal and political tradition is such that we have the right to deny others access to our person and body, even though doing so would harm those who need personal services from us, or body parts. However, we lack the right to use ourselves as we wish in order to raise income, even though we do not necessarily harm others by doing so--even though we might in fact benefit them by doing so. Cécile Fabre's aim in this book is to show that, according to the principles of distributive justice which inform most liberal democracies, both in practice and in theory, it should be exactly the other way around: that is, if it is true that we lack the right to withhold access to material resources from those who need them, we also lack the right to withhold access to our body from those who need it; but we do, under some circumstances, have the right to decide how to use it in order to raise income. More specifically, she argues in favor of the confiscation of body parts and personal services, as well as of the commercialization of organs, sex, and reproductive capacities.

Cover Art
Crossing over the Line - David J. Langum
Call Number: KF9449 .L36 1994
ISBN: 0226468801
Publication Date: 1994
Crossing over the Linedescribes the folly of the Mann Act of 1910;a United States law which made travel from one state to another by a man and a woman with the intent of committing an immoral act a major crime. Spawned by a national wave of "white slave trade" hysteria, the Act was created by the Congress of the United States as a weapon against forced prostitution. This book is the first history of the Mann Act's often bizarre career, from its passage to the amendment that finally laid it low. In David J. Langum's hands, the story of the Act becomes an entertaining cautionary tale about the folly of legislating private morality. Langum recounts the colorful details of numerous court cases to show how enforcement of the Act mirrored changes in America's social attitudes. Federal prosecutors became masters in the selective use of the Act: against political opponents of the government, like Charlie Chaplin; against individuals who eluded other criminal charges, like the Capone mobster "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn; and against black men, like singer Chuck Berry and boxer Jack Johnson, who dared to consort with white women. The Act engendered a thriving blackmail industry and was used by women like Frank Lloyd Wright's wife to extort favorable divorce settlements. "Crossing over the Line is a work of scholarship as wrought by a civil libertarian, and the text . . . sizzles with the passion of an ardent believer in real liberty under reasonable laws." Jonathan Kirsch, Los Angeles Times

Cover Art
Women's International and Comparative Human Rights - Susan Tiefenbrun
Call Number: K644 .T54 2012
ISBN: 1594607036
Publication Date: 2012
Women's International and Comparative Human Rights is a collection of materials that provide information and insight into the complex issues of international human rights and the laws and customs that specifically impact women in countries all over the world. These materials include: excerpted cases, statutes, treaties, newspaper articles, law review articles, books, U.N. treaty organs and committee reports, and cases emanating from regional and international tribunals. By applying an interdisciplinary approach, Professor Tiefenbrun looks into the history of the global human rights movement, the structure of the United Nations and its human rights system, and the relationship of international law to the development of international human rights laws that relate specifically to women. The book examines women's civil, political, social, economic, and cultural rights, women's human rights in armed conflict; women's fundamental right to manifest their religion; their right to be free from slavery and sex trafficking; the rights of women with disabilities; and the right of women to be free from institutionalized female infanticide, sex selection abortion, child soldiering, sexual violence and torture. The Appendix contains the major international human rights treaties protecting women and children. This book is a useful and convenient book for courses in international human rights, women and the law, and women's international human rights.

Cover Art
Women's Lives, Men's Laws - Catharine A. MacKinnon
Call Number: KF478 .M26 2005
ISBN: 0674015401
Publication Date: 2005
This collection, the first since MacKinnon's celebrated Feminism Unmodified appeared in 1987, brings together previously uncollected and unpublished work in the national arena from 1980 to the present, defining her clear, coherent, consistent approach to reframing the law of men on the basis of the lives of women. By making visible the deep gender bias of existing law, MacKinnon has recast legal debate and action on issues of sex discrimination, sexual abuse, prostitution, pornography, and racism.

Cover Art
The International Law of Human Trafficking - Anne T. Gallagher
Call Number: K5297 .G35 2012
ISBN: 110762455X
Publication Date: 2012
Although human trafficking has a long and ignoble history, it is only recently that trafficking has become a major political issue for states and the international community and the subject of detailed international rules. Anne T. Gallagher calls on her direct experience working within the United Nations to chart the development of new international laws on this issue. She links these rules to the international law of state responsibility as well as key norms of international human rights law, transnational criminal law, refugee law and international criminal law, in the process identifying and explaining the major legal obligations of states with respect to preventing trafficking, protecting and supporting victims, and prosecuting perpetrators. This is a timely and groundbreaking work: a unique and valuable resource for policymakers, advocates, practitioners and scholars working in this new, controversial and important field.

Prostitution: Regulation and Control - John F. Decker
Call Number: HQ111 .D4
ISBN: 083770507X
Publication Date: 1979
Examines the myths, taboos, and legal rules surrounding the practice and the feelings and attitudes towards it as they changed through time and society

Cover Art
Prostitution and Sex Trafficking - Louise I. Gerdes
Call Number: HQ115 .P76 2006
ISBN: 0737733306
Publication Date: 2006

Of Vice and Women: Shades of Prostitution - Margaretha Jarvinen
Call Number: HQ 217.3 .H45 J36 1993
ISBN: 8200212831
Publication Date: 1993
This work discusses society's attempts to define and understand sexual relations, whether in the form of public or secluded encounters. Using three general perspectives to classify earlier and more recent research, Järvinen analyzes the content and implications of these theoretical frameworks. She shows that the the systematization of controlling prostitution as a "functionalist" approach starkly demonstrates the underlying assumptions of past--and, to a certain extent, current--strategies to control commercial sex. The author fully acknowledges the feminist perspective of prostitution and its disclosure of gender biased power relations. Her efforts to interweave "constructionist" thinking with a massive empirical analysis of the control of prostitution merit special attention.

Cover Art
Legalizing Prostitution: From Illicit Vice To Lawful Business - Ronald Weitzer
Call Number: HQ144 .W45 2012
ISBN: 0814794645
Publication Date: 2012
One of the more intelligent, measured, and comprehensive looks at alternatives to criminalizing the [prostitution] trade. Weitzer provides an erudite overview of sex work and detailed case studies of three cities with red-light districts: Antwerp, Belgium; Frankfurt, Germany; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Prostitution, Weitzer convincingly declares, can be organized in a way that is superior to blanket criminalization and marginalization.

Cover Art
Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex Work - Greenwood Publishing Staff (Editor)
Call Number: HQ115 .E53 2006 (2 volumes)
ISBN: 0313329699
Publication Date: 2006
This encyclopedia addresses what is usually considered a societal failing and the underside of sexuality and economic survival. It offers entries related to prostitution and the sex industry while an introduction overviews the scope of prostitution from the earliest historical records.

Cover Art
Why Just Her? - Montgomery Sibley
Call Number: KF224.P335 S53 2009
ISBN: 1439227950
Publication Date: 2009
Why Just Her€ identifies the external and internal demons that drove the D.C. Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, from an initially defiant woman willing to fight the government to a woman so despairing as to take her own life prior to sentencing upon her conviction for Prostitution Racketeering.Starting with the execution of search on her home and seizure warrants for her bank accounts in October 2006 through her death on May 1, 2008, the book traces Jeane's final 20 months as the judicial system time and again failed to live up to its promise to insure justice'. Instead, unwittingly sitting atop a client list of the most powerful men in the world, that system made sure that Jeane's story would never be fully told.

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