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Guide for First Year Law Students: Course & Exam Prep

Selected Print Resources

Below is a selection of books to assist first-year law students in their law school careers. For additional resources, please search the law library catalog, Murphy.

CALI Lessons

CALI lessons are free online tutorials that help students learn the law. There are lessons that will help teach you how to brief cases, outline, and succeed on law school exams.

Before you can access CALI lessons at, you’ll need to create a CALI account using the school’s CALI authorization code. The authorization code was included in your orientation packet. If you can’t find your card, stop by the circulation desk, or email

Sample Exams

Past exams are available in the library, located on the shelves behind the reference desk. They are black bound volumes and organized by year and semester. There are also a number of model answers (provided by professors) available at the circulation desk.