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The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets - Simon Singh
Call Number: QA 99 .S48 2013
ISBN: 9781620402771
Publication Date: 2013-10-29
You may have watched hundreds of episodes of The Simpsons (and its sister show Futurama) without ever realizing that cleverly embedded in many plots are subtle references to mathematics, ranging from well-known equations to cutting-edge theorems and conjectures. That they exist, Simon Singh reveals, underscores the brilliance of the shows’ writers, many of whom have advanced degrees in mathematics in addition to their unparalleled sense of humor. While recounting memorable episodes such as “Bart the Genius” and “Homer3,” Singh weaves in mathematical stories that explore everything from p to Mersenne primes, Euler’s equation to the unsolved riddle of P v. NP; from perfect numbers to narcissistic numbers, infinity to even bigger infinities, and much more. Along the way, Singh meets members of The Simpsons’ brilliant writing team—among them David X. Cohen, Al Jean, Jeff Westbrook, and Mike Reiss—whose love of arcane mathematics becomes clear as they reveal the stories behind the episodes. With wit and clarity, displaying a true fan’s zeal, and replete with images from the shows, photographs of the writers, and diagrams and proofs, The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets offers an entirely new insight into the most successful show in television history.


eBook Highlights

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Beautiful Mathematics - Martin Erickson
ISBN: 9780883855768
Publication Date: 2011-11-28
Mathematical ideas have an aesthetic appeal that can be appreciated by anyone who has the time and dedication to investigate. Mathematical topics are presented in the categories of words, images, formulas, theorems, proofs, solutions and unsolved problems. Readers will discover exciting mathematics topics from complex numbers to arithmetic progressions, from Alcuin's sequence to the zeta function, and from hypercubes to infinity squared. Who should read this book? There is something new for any mathematically minded person. High school and college students will find motivation for their mathematical studies. Professional mathematicians will find fresh examples of mathematical beauty to pass along to others. Within each chapter, the topics require progressively more prerequisite knowledge. An appendix gives background definitions and theorems, while another gives challenging exercises (with solutions).


DVDs in the Library

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Adventurous World of College Algebra
Call Number: QA 154.2 .A28 2004
ISBN: 1581989326
Publication Date: 2004
Disc 1. What is algebra? -- Quadratic roots & factors -- Linear equations -- Disc 2. Intro to quadratic equations -- FOIL -- Quadratic roots & factors -- The quadratic formula -- Polynomials -- Properties of polynomial graphs.

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The Calculus 3 Tutor. Volume 1
Call Number: QA 303.2 .C347 Level 3 v.1
Publication Date: 2008
Disc 1. Section 1. 3D Cartesian coordinates ; section 2. Introduction to vectors ; section 3. The vector dot product ; section 4. The vector cross product ; section 5. Vector valued functions ; section 6. Vector valued functions -- Disc 2. Section 6. Multivariable functions and partial derivatives ; section 7. The chain rule for partial derivatives ; section 8. The directional derivative -- Disc 3. Section 9. The gradient ; section 10. Double integrals ; section 11. Double integrals in polar coordinates.

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The Calculus 3 Tutor. Volume 2
Call Number: QA 303.2 .C357 Level 3 v.2
Publication Date: 2008
isc 1. Section 1: Triple integrals -- Section 2: Triple integrals in cylindrical coordinates. Disc 2. Section 3: Triple integrals in spherical coordinates -- Section 4: Divergence and curl of a vector field -- Section 5: Line integrals. Disc 3. Section 6: Line integrals in a vector field -- Section 7: Alternative form of line integrals in vector fields -- Section 8: Fundamental theorem of line integrals. Disc 4. Section 9: Green's theorem -- Section 10: Surface integrals -- Section 11: Flux integrals -- Section 12: Strokes theorem -- Section 13: The divergence theorem.

Cover Art
Change and Motion: Calculus Made Clear
Call Number: QA 300 .S87 2006
ISBN: 1598032313
Publication Date: 2006
Part 1. DISC 1. Lecture 1. Two ideas, vast implications.--Lecture 2. Stop sign crime : the derivative.--Lecture 3. Another car, another crime : the integal.--Lecture 4. The fundamental theorem of calculus.-- Lecture 5. Visualizing the derivative : slopes.--Lecture 6. Derivatives the easy way : symbol pushing.--Lecture 7. Abstracting the derivative : circles and belts.--Lecture 8. Circles, pyramids, cones and spheres.--Lecture 9. Archimedes and the tractrix.--Lecture 10. The integral and fundamental theorem.--Lecture 11. Abstracting the integral: pyramids and dams.-- Lecture 12. Buffon's needle or pi from breadsticks.
Part 2. DISC 3. Lecture 13. Achilles, tortoises, limits and continuity.--Lecture 14. Calculators and approximations.--Lecture 15. Best of all possible worlds : optimization.----Lecture 16. Economics and architecture.--Lecture 17. Galileo, Neweton and Baseball.--Lecture 18. Getting off the line : motion in space.--Lecture 19. Mountain slopes and tangent planes.--Lecture 20. Several variables : volumes galore.--Lecture 21. The fundamental theorem extended.--Lecture 22. Fields of arrows : differential equations.--Lecture 23. Owls, rats, waves and guitars.--Lecture 24. Calculus everywhere.

Cover Art
The derivative vs the integral - Mathematical Association of America
Call Number: QA 314 .D47 2012 DVD
ISBN: 0883859122
Publication Date: 2012
If you put the derivative and the integral in a cage and had them fight to the death, which would win? Although this question makes no sense, as concepts don't know the first thing about hand-to-hand combat, a version of this question has plagued mathematics for centuries.

Which is the better concept? In this, dare we say educational, but at the very least entertaining debate, Professors Colin Adams and Tom Garrity do their utmost to defend respectively the derivative and the integral, while embarrassing each other publicly, in an attempt to settle this question once and for all. Hear the arguments, watch the nonsense, and then you decide which of these two fundamental concepts in calculus should be crowned the victor. Appropriate for students,teachers, and lovers of calculus everywhere.

Cover Art
Calculus 1 & 2 tutor - MathTutorDVD
Call Number: QA 303.2 .C357 Level 1-2 DVD
Publication Date: 2005
Disc 1. Section 1. What is a derivative? ; section 2. The derivative defined as a limit ; section 3. Differentiation formulas ; section 4. Derivatives of trigonometric functions ; section 5. The chain rule ; section 6. Higher order derivatives ; section 7. Related rates ; section 8. Curve sketching using derivatives -- Disc 2. section 9. Introduction to integrals ; section 10. Solving integrals ; section 11. Integration by substitution ; section 12. Calculating volume with integrals ; section 13. Derivatives and integrals of exponentials ; section 14. Derivatives of logarithms ; section 15. Integration by parts ; section 16. Integration by trig substitution ; section 17. Improper integrals.

Cover Art
Call Number: QA 699 .F53 2007 DVD
ISBN: 1604615370
Publication Date: 2007
"Flatland is a world that exists entirely on a two-dimensional plane. All different kinds of shapes live, work and play in this world. The story follows Arthur Square and his curious granddaughter Hex. When a mysterious visitor arrives from Spaceland, Arthur and Hex must come to terms with the truth of the third dimension, risking dire consequences from the evil Circles that have ruled Flatland for thousands of years."

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The Genius of the East: Mathematics During the Middle Ages
Call Number: QA 23 .G45 2009
Publication Date: 2009
"During Europe's Middle Ages, mathematics fluorished primarily on other shores. This program discusses mathematical achievements of Asia, the Islamic world, and early-Renaissance Europe. Topics include China's invention of a decimal place number system, India's creation of a symbol for zero, the development of algebra by the empire of Islam, and the spread of Eastern knowledge to the West."

Cover Art
Great Courses: Algebra 1
Call Number: QA 152 .S455 2009
ISBN: 1598035991
Publication Date: 2009
Disc 1. An introduction to the course -- Order of operations -- Percents, decimals, and fractions -- Variables and algebraic expressions -- Operations and expressions -- Principles of graphing in 2 dimensions -- Disc 2. Solving linear equations, part 1 -- Solving linear equations, part 2 -- Slope of a line -- Graphing linear equations, part 1 -- Graphing linear equations, part 2 -- Parallel and perpendicular lines -- Disc 3. Solving word problems with linear equations -- Linear equations for real-world data -- Systems of linear equations, part 1 -- Systems of linear equations, part 2 -- Linear inequalities -- An introduction to quadratic polynomials -- Disc 4. Factoring trinomials -- Quadratic equations, factoring -- Quadratic equations, the quadratic formula -- Quadratic equations, completing the square -- Representations of quadratic functions -- Quadratic equations in the real world -- Disc 5. The Pythagorean theorem -- Polynomials of higher degree -- Operations and polynomials -- rational expressions, part 1 -- Rational expressions, part 2 -- Graphing rational functions, part 1 -- Disc 6. Graphing rational functions, part 2 -- Radical expressions -- Solving radical equations -- Graphic radical functions -- Sequences and pattern recognition, part 1 -- Sequences and pattern recognition, part 2.

Cover Art
The Great Pi/ e Debate: Which is the Better Number? - Mathematical Association of America
Call Number: QA 99 .G74 2006
ISBN: 0883859009
Publication Date: 2006
Two professors from Williams College present arguments, challenge orthodoxy, brazenly flaunt convention and often behave badly in this humorous debate over the relative merits of everyone's favorite transcendental numbers, pi and e, staged for the 1st Year Family Weekend at Williams College on October 29, 2005. The debate participants: Colin Adams states the case for pi, Thomas Garrity is e's champion, and Edward Burger serves as moderator.

Cover Art
Hunting the hidden dimension - Fractals
Call Number: QA 614.86 .F7275 2009 DVD
ISBN: 1593758529
Publication Date: 2009
"Nova takes viewers on a fascinating quest with a group of pioneering mathematicians determined to decipher the rules that govern fractal geometry. Their remarkable findings are deepening our understanding of nature and stimulating a new wave of scientific, medical and artistic innovation, stretching from the ecology of the rainforest to fashion design."

Cover Art
The Story of Math
Call Number: QA 21 .S767 2009
Publication Date: 2009
In this landmark series of films, University of Oxford Professor Marcus du Sautoy escorts viewers through the history of this most important of all intellectual disciplines. In a journey that takes him through the ages and around the world, he examines the development of key mathematical ideas and shows how, in a multitude of surprising ways, mathematical ideas underpin the science, technology, and culture that shape our world.

Cover Art
The Story of 1 - PBS
Call Number: QA 141.2 .S76 2006
Publication Date: 2006
A humor-filled history of the number one, covering military applications in ancient Rome, the measurement of distances in India, and the decimal system created by Leibnitz.

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