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Human Trafficking  

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3 Strands Global

  • 3 Strands Global
    3Strands Global is a non profit organization established to combat human trafficking through education, reintegration and engagement initiatives.

    We are empowering a global community to combat human trafficking through our growing network of government and law enforcement agencies, individuals, organizations, corporations and non-profits all working together.

Abolish Slavery

  • Abolish Slavery is a leading human rights organization fighting modern-day slavery worldwide. is waging a cutting edge campaign to awaken the world to the fastest growing sources of revenue for organized crime and terrorist networks by partnering with media to reach popular culture, attack the culture of complicity that has allowed there to be more slaves today than at any other time in modern history, and ultimately lead survivors to new lives in freedom. seeks to investigate human trafficking hot spots and transition victims to safe housing, counseling, education, job training, alcohol and substance abuse prevention & intervention, and other services that lead survivors to self sufficiency.

ACT - Againsty Child Trafficking

  • ACT - Against Child Trafficking

    ACT (Against Child Trafficking) is a 100% volunteer based grassroots movement based in Australia influencing many thousands of people worldwide.

    Our role is to facilitate the resourcing of organizations at the forefront of combating child trafficking, educating and motivating people to take action on behalf of innocent children.

Agape International MIssions

  • Agape International MIssions

    Agape International Missions (AIM) was founded on the ground in Cambodia in 1988 as a humanitarian aid and church planting organization in Cambodia. Since 2005, our ministries have focused on ending the evil of child sexual slavery.

    AIM takes a holistic approach to Fighting Trafficking, Restoring Victims and Transforming Communities, in order to defeat trafficking. Our projects prevent, rescue, restore and reintegrate.

    AIM is guided by a distinct philosophy that God anointed the Church through the power of Jesus to overcome evil.

Amnesty International

Anti-Slavery International

  • Anti-Slavery International

    Anti-Slavery International, founded in 1839, is the world's oldest international human rights organisation and works to eliminate all forms of slavery around the world.

Apne Aap

  • Apne Aap
    Apne Aap mobilizes and mentors community based groups of trafficked and vulnerable girls and women to empower each other.

As Our Own

  • As Our Own

    Our model for change includes a three-prong strategy to help achieve our vision:

    We CARE for children by providing a lifelong family, an identity as our daughter, and high quality education through college to empower them to reach their full potential.

    We TRAIN leaders and caregivers through the Child Development Institute at Hope College which offers a Master's degree in Biblically-based and clinically-sound child development.

    We REPLICATE our model by empowering, mentoring, and equipping other organizations to elevate the quality of care in their group homes so they may achieve the same results that we have seen.

At the End of Slavery: The Battle for Justice in Our Time

  • At the End of Slavery: The Battle for Justice in Our Time

    Narrated by actor Danny Glover, At the End of Slavery: The Battle for Justice in our Time takes you inside the violent and ugly business of modern-day slavery — the buying and selling of human beings — from the brothels of the Philippines to the brick kilns of India.

    Undercover footage and first-person testimony from former slaves and respected experts expose the enormity of the crime — but a remarkable strategy and the courage of today's abolitionists offer hope for a final end to this brutal trade.

Beyond the Streets

  • Beyond the Streets

    Beyond the Streets is a UK charity working to end sexual exploitation by Creating Routes Out through working directly with women.

    When someone is involved in prostitution, reliable information and support can change their life. That’s what we do. We journey with women to understand their situation and the choices available to them.

    We are there for women as they take practical and manageable steps that lead to a genuine route out of prostitution.

Chab Dai

  • Chab Dai

    In all that we do, Chab Dai seeks to raise the standards of advocacy, prevention and care utilized by individuals, organizations, businesses, researchers and government agencies in addressing human trafficking and exploitation.

    Chab Dai actively combines the resources and experiences of experts and practitioners on the field, policymakers and researchers, in addition to assisting stakeholders establish a strong commitment to support one another's work.

    We have projects in Cambodia, Canada and the United States.

Children’s HopeChest

  • Children’s HopeChest

    Children’s HopeChest exists to glorify God by releasing the potential of orphaned and vulnerable children and their communities through partnerships that cultivate holistic transformation and sustainability.

    Children’s HopeChest currently has active partnerships in Russia, Swaziland, Ethiopia, Uganda, Guatemala, Moldova, India, and the United States.

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

  • Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

    CATW is a non-governmental organization that works to end human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of women and children worldwide. CATW is the world’s first organization to fight human trafficking internationally and is the world’s leading abolitionist organization.

Council of Europe - Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings

CRIN - Child Rights International Network

  • CRIN - Child Rights International Network

    Child Rights International Network - CRIN is a global research, policy and advocacy organisation. Our work is grounded in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    Our goal is a world where children's rights are recognised, respected and enforced, and where every rights violation has a remedy.

Courage Worldwide

  • Courage Worldwide

    In 2007, we learned that we live in a world where children are sold for sex, so we vowed to do something.

    In 2011, we did just that. We opened two Courage Houses—homes for minor girls rescued from sex trafficking—one in the United States and one in Africa. It is our intent to build a Courage House in every city around the world that needs one so rescued children will have a safe place to heal and call home.

    We are committed to not only rescuing child victims of sex trafficking, but also to restoring their lives … one individual at a time.

Destiny Rescue

  • Destiny Rescue

    Destiny Rescue is an international Christian based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our vision is to rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor and be a voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

    We currently operate our various programs in five nations: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, and India. We also have offices in three donor nations: United States, Australia and New Zealand.

ECPAT International

  • ECPAT International

    ECPAT is an expanding network of local civil society organisations and coalitions with one common goal – to end the sexual exploitation of children around the world.

    ECPAT conducts cutting-edge research to build the collective understanding of what it will take to end the sexual exploitation of children. Together with our members and partners, we coordinate evidence-based advocacy at all levels to strengthen national justice and protection systems and increase investment in the fight against sexual exploitation of children.


  • eLiberare

    We are laser focused on the prevention of
    human trafficking in Romania.

    Romania is one of the main sources of men, women, and children being exploited as human trafficking victims throughout Europe.

    Our strategy consists of:

    Awareness Education
    Prevention Training
    Restoration Assistance
    Network Development

Equality Now - End Sex Trafficking

  • Equality Now - End Sex Trafficking

    Strong human rights and gender equality-based laws and policies are the basis of Equality Now’s work to end sex trafficking and exploitation. By targeting the root of the problem – the demand for paid sex – we can protect women and girls. No demand, no supply.

EUR-LEX - Fight Against Trafficking in Human Beings

The Exodus Road

  • The Exodus Road

    Our primary focus lies in ushering in strategic, holistic rescue for current victims of slavery. We vet, train, fund and equip operatives to collect evidence of trafficking and then work with police to bring freedom. We also support victim services throughout the rescue and transition process.


  • FairHER

    #FairHer is a celebration of the inspiring women of Fair Trade. This includes YOU!

    FairHer is the story of farmers and workers behind our Fair Trade products, the women who work at the places that sell Fair Trade products, and the women who vote with their Fair Trade purchases for a better world.

Finding Freedom International

  • Finding Freedom International
    Finding Freedom International’s (FFI) mission is to restore the lives of women and children victimized from sexual exploitation and modern day slavery. Since 2009 FFI has partnered with established safe houses around the world to train and equip caregivers and staff members to provide long-term restoration and healing to girls rescued from sex trafficking.

Forgotten Children Worldwide

  • Forgotten Children Worldwide

    Our Mission: We seek to safeguard orphans and vulnerable children from poverty, abandonment and the evils of human trafficking as clearly directed by the Bible.

    This is why it’s our mission to empower the lives of those beyond our neighborhoods. And we believe that by awakening our spirits to the plights of our brothers and sisters around the globe, something powerful begins to happen here at home: We become the hands and feet of Jesus, the living incarnation of the mission of Christ, AND IT CHANGES US—FOREVER.

Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives

  • Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives

    Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives (FDFI) is an Abolitionist organization co-founded by direct descendants of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. FDFI combines lessons from the legacies of Douglass and Washington.

    Our mission: To Advance Freedom through Knowledge and Strategic Action. FDFI has been a leader in implementing human trafficking prevention education curricula in classrooms nationally since 2007.

Free for Life International

  • Free for Life International

    Free for Life International is committed to the rescue and restoration of human trafficking victims and the elimination of modern-day slavery

Free the Slaves

  • Free the Slaves

    Slaves usually come from the poor, the desperate, the uneducated, the marginalized, and the unprotected. People are forced to work without pay, under threat of violence, and they’re unable to walk away.

    Our strategy is to reduce people’s vulnerability, help those in slavery to freedom, and transform the political, economic, cultural, and social circumstances that make slavery possible.


Freedom Fund

  • Freedom Fund
    The Freedom Fund is the world’s first private philanthropic initiative dedicated to identifying and investing in the most effective front-line efforts to end slavery.

    The Freedom Fund has developed an independent and global approach to bring together knowledge and capital to deliver results.

    We bring a global perspective, to match the scale of the problem with vision and resources.

    We invest in best-of-class anti-slavery interventions, scaling those that succeed.

    We share our knowledge, to encourage best practice and greater collaboration in the sector.

    We measure impact, to improve our investment strategy over time.

    We align diverse disciplines, to develop more effective approaches to end slavery.

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

  • Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

    The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) is a network of non-governmental organisations from all regions of the world, who share a deep concern for the women, children and men whose human rights have been violated by the criminal practice of human trafficking.

Global Freedom Network

  • Global Freedom Network

    Global Freedom Network unites faith leaders from around the world to end modern slavery.

    In a watershed event, global leaders from the Christian Catholic, Anglican and Orthodox religions, as well as Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim faiths, signed the Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery. (December 2, 2014) The second signing of the Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery took place at Parliament House, Canberra and the third signing of the Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery took place at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India one and two years after the first signing.

    Read more on the Global Freedom Network's commitments to end modern slavery and trafficking within this generation.

Hope for Justice

  • Hope for Justice
    We exist to bring an end to modern slavery by rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society.

    We believe freedom is worth the fight.

    We believe justice is non-negotiable.

    We refuse to abandon the least, the last and the lost.

    We challenge apathy with action.

    We choose to greet cynicism with hope.

    We are purposeful, passionate and pioneering.

Human Rights Watch - Smuggling and Trafficking Human Beings

International Justice Mission

  • International Justice Mission

    We are a global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world. Our global team includes hundreds of lawyers, investigators, social workers, community activists and other professionals at work through 17 field offices.

    IJM helps victims move through their broken justice system in four ways: rescue, restore, restrain, represent.

    Today, IJM’s work is helping protect more than 21 million people from violence.

International Organization for Migration - 6 - Help a Victim of Human Trafficking

International Organization for Migration - Counter-Trafficking

  • International Organization for Migration - Counter-Trafficking

    At IOM, we operate from the outset that trafficking in persons needs to be approached within the overall context of managing migration. Our broad range of activities is implemented in partnership with governmental institutions, NGOs and international organizations. The approach is based on three principles that govern all our counter-trafficking activities:

    • Respect for human rights

    • Physical, mental and social well-being of the individual and his or her community

    • Sustainability through institutional capacity building of governments and civil society

International Organization for Migration - Subscribe to Global Eye on Human Trafficking

International Labour Organization's Forced Labour, Human Trafficking, and Slavery

Interpol - Trafficking in Human Beings

Legatum Foundation

  • Legatum Foundation

    Today’s slaves are trapped in fishing fleets and sweatshops, mines and brothels, and in the fields and plantations of countries across the world. It can be called human trafficking, forced labour, slavery, or it can refer to the slavery-like practices that include debt bondage, forced or servile marriage, and the sale or exploitation of children.

    Legatum Foundation has partnered with two leading anti-slavery activists and donors, Humanity United and Walk Free to create the Freedom Fund, an ambitious seven-year effort to raise and deploy $100 million or more to combat modern-day slavery.

Love 146

  • Love 146
    We're working to prevent child trafficking & exploitation, care for survivors, and empower a growing movement. Love is the foundation of our motivation.

    Love146 is an international human rights organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation through survivor care and prevention.

    Our Vision is the abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.

Made by Survivors

  • Made by Survivors

    Our mission is to fight slavery and other severe gender violence with employment, education and entrepreneurship, helping survivors and people at high risk to get free and remain free from slavery and exploitation.

    Find items for sale by survivors.

Mattoo - Men Against the Trafficking of Others

  • Mattoo - Men Against the Trafficking of Others

    MATTOO (pronounced |matˈtoō|), established in 2010, is an international organization that uses the empowerment of boys and men to stop the threat of sex trafficking by showing the direct correlation between the demand in the sex trade industry and the supply of humans through trafficking.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

  • National Center on Sexual Exploitation
    Founded in 1962, National Center on Sexual Exploitation is the leading national organization opposing pornography by highlighting the links to sex trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, addiction and more.

    The organization changed its name from Morality In Media to the National Center on Sexual Exploitation early in 2015 to better describe the organization’s scope and mission, which is to expose the seamless connection between all forms of sexual exploitation.

    NCOSE embraces a mission to defend human dignity and to advocate for the universal right of sexual justice, which is freedom from sexual exploitation, objectification, and violence

National Crime Agency - Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

National Crime Agency - Types of Modern Slavery Crime

The NO Project

  • The NO Project

    The NO Project is an award-winning global educational campaign that specifically targets youth awareness of human trafficking through music, art, dance, film, animation, sport, creataive writing and social media.

    The NO Project is an independent initiative support by the donated time, skills and expertise of individual citizens and partners dedicated to the eradication of human slavery in the 21st century.

Not for Sale

  • Not for Sale

    When it comes to world-changing causes, many people feel wonder, “Does my donation really make a difference? Will I truly make a difference?” Not For Sale helps people who want more than a pat on the back for doing good. We help people who want to create true and lasting change to better the world.

    We know how hard it is to create change and meaning in our lives — with family, hobbies, and social media all grabbing at our attention. It can be hard to even know where to start. And we have helped thousands of donors, leaders, and business people accomplish what really matters to many of us — giving and doing more for others.

    We believe No One is For Sale.

Pornography + Sex Trafficking - Stop Trafficking Demand

  • Pornography + Sex Trafficking - Stop Trafficking Deman


    The booming demand for trafficked women and children in recent years is due in part to the proliferation of pornography. The purpose of this site is to bring together research and personal accounts to help the public understand one of the major factors creating and driving the demand for trafficked women and children.

    Government officials, leaders, celebrities and the general public are calling for increased efforts to stop sex trafficking. However, it must be recognized that unless something is done to curb the demand, we will never solve the problem of this exploitation. Instead, the problem will continue to overwhelm our society.

    The different types of sexual exploitation are seamlessly intertwined. Pornography, sexually oriented businesses, strip clubs, prostitution and sex trafficking are all incontestably linked. It is time we stop ignoring the continuum of exploitation in order to start solving the problem.


  • Prajwala

    From India, "Prajwala emerged as an anti-trafficking organization, which believes in preventing women and children from entering prostitution, which is the worst form of sexual slavery."

Shared Hope International

  • Shared Hope International

    Shared Hope International is dedicated to bringing an end to sex trafficking through our three-pronged approach – prevent, restore, and bring justice.

Soroptimists STOP Trafficking

  • Soroptimists STOP Trafficking

    In 2007, Soroptimist launched a major campaign— Soroptimists STOPTrafficking—aimed at raising awareness about the devastating practice of sex

    Soroptimist clubmembers place sex slavery awareness cards in highly visible locations including police stations, women’s centers, hospitals, legal aid societies, etc.

    The program has evolved to include a multi-dimensional approach to end sex trafficking including raising awareness, assisting victims, preventing sexual slavery, and advocating for better laws and enforcement.

Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance

  • Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance - community Awareness Glasgow

    n 2004 Community Safety Glasgow established TARA, our support service for trafficking survivors, to help identify and support women who may have been trafficked for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.

    CSG believes that trafficking is fuelled by the demand from the commercial sex industry and that commercial sexual exploitation is a form of violence against women that is harmful to women, families and communities.

UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency

  • UNHCR the UN Refugee Agency

    UNHCR was created in 1950, during the aftermath of the Second World War, to help millions of Europeans who had fled or lost their homes. We had three years to complete our work and then disband.

    Today, over 65 years later, our organization is still hard at work, protecting and assisting refugees around the world.

UNHCR and Human Trafficking

UNHCR refworld

  • UNHCR refworld

    Browse by topic to find articles on "trafficking in persons" or "forced relocation" and more.

UNICEF - Child Protection and Development - Child Trafficking

  • UNICEF - Child Protection and Development - Child Trafficking

    Child victims of trafficking are recruited, transported, transferred, harbored or received for the purpose of exploitation. They may be forced to work in sweatshops, on construction sites or in houses as domestic servants; on the streets as child beggars, in wars as child soldiers, on farms, in traveling sales crews or in restaurants and hotels. Some are forced to work in brothels and strip clubs or for escort and massage services.

    To protect children from exploitation, risk factors such as poverty and discrimination need to be addressed.

UNICEF - Child Protection from Violence, Exploitation and Abuse

UNICEF - Child Trafficking - End Trafficking

  • UNICEF - Child Trafficking - End Trafficking

    Signs a child is being trafficked:

    Knows little about his or her whereabouts
    Works excessively long hours
    Exhibits fear or anxious behavior
    Was hired with false promises
    Has inconsistencies with his or her story

United Nations Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons

  • United Nations Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons

    The Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons (ICAT) is a policy forum mandated by the UN General Assembly to improve coordination among UN agencies and other relevant international organizations to facilitate a holistic and comprehensive approach to preventing and combating trafficking in persons, including protection and support for victims of trafficking.

UNICEF - Sexual Violence Against Children

  • UNICEF - Sexual Violence Against Children

    Sexual violence against children is a gross violation of children’s rights. Yet it is a global reality across all countries and social groups. It can take the form of sexual abuse, harassment, rape or sexual exploitation in prostitution or pornography.

    UNICEF also works with communities and the general public to raise awareness about the problem and address attitudes, norms and practices that are harmful to children.

United Nations -Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - Human Trafficking Knowledge Portal

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime - Have a Heart for Victims of Human Trafficking

United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons

United Nations Toolkit to Combat Smuggling of Migrants

Walk Free Foundation

  • Walk Free Foundation

    Though every country has declared it illegal, modern slavery in these and many other forms still exists today. Motivated by the abhorrence of this reality, the Walk Free initiative to end modern slavery was founded by Australian philanthropists, Andrew and Nicola Forrest and their daughter Grace, in 2012.



    Millions of women and girls around the world are harmed by commercial sexual exploitation, primarily through prostitution and trafficking for the purpose of prostitution.

    In line with the Scottish Government, EPN views commercial sexual exploitation as part of the wider continuum of violence against women and girls and recognises that such violence, globally and in Scotland, is rooted in gender inequality.

Youth Advocate Program International

  • Youth Advocate Program International

    Youth Advocate Program International’s Mission is to promote and protect the rights and well-being of the world’s youth, giving particular attention to children victimized by conflict, exploitation, and state and personal violence.

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