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The Connect Effect: Building Strong Personal, Professional, and Virtual Networks - Dulworth, Mike
ISBN: 9781576755365
Publication Date: 2008
Networking is not mere socializing--it is a vital personal and professional development skill. An effective network can make you more knowledgeable, help you address critical issues, accelerate your career, and even improve your health and well-being. As a recent article in MIT's Sloan Management Review reports, "What really distinguishes high performers from the rest of the pack is their ability to maintain and leverage their networks." Networking is simply too important to be left to chance.In this book, Michael Dulworth shows how to take a conscious, systematic approach to networking. After a short quiz to measure your "networking quotient" (NQ), The Connect Effect identifies three distinct kinds of networks: personal, professional, and virtual. Dulworth examines their specific characteristics and offers strategies, tools, and resources for building up and making the best use of each one. Stories from Dulworth's twenty years of experience running networks, as well as interviews with top executives, researchers, and thought leaders, provide insights and advice about how networks function in the real world.Few of us are born networkers, but anyone--introvert, extrovert, or in-between--can learn to master this important skill. And as you build your networks and the connections between members multiply, you'll find that the benefits you gain grow exponentially. This extraordinary return on your networking investment is what Dulworth terms "The Connect Effect"--and in this book he shows how it can enrich every aspect of your life.

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Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty: The Only Networking Book You'll Ever Need - Mackay, Harvey
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 M25 1997
ISBN: 0385485433
Publication Date: 1997

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Find a Job Through Social Networking: Use Linkedln, Twitter, FAcebook, Blogs, and More to Advance Your Career - Sautter, Ellen; Crompton, Diane;
Call Number: HF 54.56 .S28 2011 Career Shelf
ISBN: 9781593578176
Publication Date: 2010
This timely book unveils the reality that online networking is more than a fun way to pass time. It's a career management strategy that is rapidly changing the way job seekers and employers connect in the world of work. With this guide, readers will discover how to launch their online networking efforts and will gain advice for getting the most out of LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and other sites. They'll also learn how to find jobs, seek advice, research employers, build a network, and create online protfolios and blogs. Additional guidance and worksheets help readers develop and communicate their personal brand online.

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Finding Allies, Building Alliances: 8 Elements that Bring and Keep People Together - McKeown, Rich; Leavitt, Mike;
ISBN: 9781118247921
Publication Date: 2013
From Governor and White House cabinet member Mike Leavitt: how to find collaborative solutions to the greatest challenges Your business challenges extend far beyond you and your firm, to the competitors within your industry and the regulators outside it. Finding solutions to larger issues requires cooperation between diverse stakeholders, and in this rapidly changing world, only those able to adapt and network successfully will produce fast, competitive solutions. How can leaders successfully bridge divides and turn competitors into collaborators? Leavitt and McKeown explain how a well-chosen network can become a powerful alliance. Whether you're launching a new partnership, or rehabilitating one already in progress, Finding Allies, Building Alliances will help you find workable solutions to the most complex problems. Written by Mike Leavitt, former Governor of Utah who brought the 2002 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City, former US Secretary of Health and human services, and former head of the EPA; with his former Chief of Staff and business partner Rich McKeown, co-founder of Leavitt Partners Includes a framework of 8 elements that will help any leader foster and maintain an effective, productive collaborative venture Shows how better collaboration can not only solve problems, but boost the competitiveness and resilience in all sectors Finding Allies, Building Alliances is essential reading for any business leader looking for transformative solutions and a sustainable future.

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The Hidden Power of Social Networks: Understanding How Work Really Gets Done in Organizations - Cross, Robert L.; Parker, Andrew;
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 C76 2004
ISBN: 1591392705
Publication Date: 2004
A powerful, visual framework helps managers discover how employees really communicate and collaborate to get work done - and helps them identify ways they can influence these social networks to improve performance and innovation. In "The Hidden Power of Social Networks", Cross and Parker, experts in "social network analysis"-a technique that visually maps relationships between people in large, distributed groups - apply this powerful tool to management for the first time. Based on their in-depth study of sixty informal employee networks in well-known companies around the world, Cross and Parker show managers how to conduct a social network analysis of their organization.

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Make Your Contacts Count: Networking Know-how for Business and Career Success - Baber, Anne; Waymon, Lynne;
ISBN: 9780814429761
Publication Date: 2007
Make Your Contacts Count is a practical, step-by-step guide for creating, cultivating, and capitalizing on networking relationships and opportunities. Packed with valuable tools, the book offers a field-tested "Hello to Goodbye" system that takes readers from entering a room, to making conversations flow, to following up. Updated from its first edition, the book now includes expanded advice on building social capital at work and in job hunting, as well as new case studies, examples, checklists, and questionnaires. Readers will discover how to: * draft a networking plan * cultivate current contacts * make the most of memberships * effectively exchange business cards * avoid the top ten networking turn-offs * share anecdotes that convey character and competence * transform their careers with a networking makeover Job-seekers, career-changers, entrepreneurs, and others will find all the networking help they need to supercharge their careers and boost their bottom lines.

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Make Your Contacts Count: Networking Know-how for Business and Career Success - Baber, Anne; Waymon, Lynne;
Call Number: HF 5381 .B143 2002
ISBN: 0814470939
Publication Date: 2002
"Setting up a network of contacts is the single most important thing people can do to protect and advance their careers. All businesspeople, no matter what they do for a living, can use networking know-how to reach their goals, and this book is the best place to start. Filled with quizzes, checklists, and sample conversations, the book opens with a Strategic Networking Activities self-assessment test and lets readers chart their increasing skills as they master the strategies needed to effectively build business relationships. Readers will learn how to avoid the Top 20 Networking Turn-offs, create a workplace contact map, and build strategic alliances. In addition, they'll master the Six Stages of Networking, as well as how to make the most of corporate events and memberships. By the time readers are done, not only will they be able to meet people more easily, but they'll also know how to remember their new contacts' names and follow up effectively! This book is the blueprint to follow for anyone trying to position themselves for career advancement or sales success."

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Masters of Networking: Buidling Realtionships for Your Pocketgbook and Soul - Misner, Ivan R.; Morgan, Don;
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 M57 2000
ISBN: 1885167482
Publication Date: 2000
Shows why networking is the most effective marketing tool today, and explains how you can build a successful networking lifestyle.

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Network Advantage: How to Unlock Value from Your Alliances and Partnerships - Greve, Heinrich; Rowley, Tim; Shipilov, Andrew;
ISBN: 9781118561386
Publication Date: 2013
Companies made more than 42,000 alliances over the past decade worldwide, many of which failed to deliver strong results.nbsp; This book explains why and how you can seize the benefits from your business''s network of alliances with customers, suppliers and competitors.nbsp; This network can provide three key advantages: ·nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; increased powernbsp; Network Advantagenbsp;shows how awareness of these three advantages can help align your portfolio of alliances with your corporate strategy to maximize advantages from existing networks and to position your business as an industry leader. This book is written by three leading authorities in the field of organizational management who work with many international corporate clients. Based on groundbreaking research and illustrative cases, it provides practical tools to help you think strategically about reconfiguring your alliances and partnerships. For business executives, consultants, and executive MBAs who want to get the most advantage from the combined power of their alliance portfolios, Network Advantage offers in-depth, practical guidance. Make it your first strategic connection to gaining competitive advantage! Companies'' connections to other firms--their network of alliances--matter for economic success.nbsp; In this practical, jargon-free, evidence-based book, three experienced scholar/educators provide practical tools to understand your company''s network positioning and what to do to build webs of relationships that provide competitive advantage and economic value. --Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University and co-author of The Knowing-Doing Gap. The book, Network Advantage, presents compelling ideas and is a must-read. It articulates three different perspectives to think about a firm''s network advantage and shows how a firm can maximize the value of its alliance network. The book is filled with theoretical and practical insights on the topic and offers captivating case studies to illustrate its key points. It is fun to read. I highly recommend this book. --W. Chan Kim, The BCG Chair Professor of INSEAD and the Co-director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute In this eminently researched book, the authors shownbsp;how executives and entrepreneurs alike can unlock the value of alliances. And the book comes with some "secrets" to success that most managers overlook. Every CEO, executive and entrepreneur who are collaborating with other firms ought to read this book. --Morten T. Hansen, Professor at University of California at Berkeley, author of Collaboration and co-author of Great by Choice. Don''t compete alone! "Network Advantage" provides a fresh perspective on how all firms can benefit from their alliances and partnerships.nbsp; The authors seamlessly integrate academic research and real life examples into a practical step by step guide for unleashing the power, information and cooperation advantages available in networks. A must read for thoughtful executives and entrepreneurs alike. --Stein Ove Fenne, President, Tupperware U.S. & Canada Having the "right" business network is everything for a company''s success in Asia and worldwide.nbsp;With its rich cases and practical tools, this book is annbsp;indispensablenbsp;guidenbsp;for a thoughtful executivenbsp;on how to design, build and manage a network that will make your firm globally competitive. --Yong-Kyung Lee,nbsp;Former CEO of Korean Telecom, Member of the Korean National Assembly.nbsp; Alliances and Partnerships, in their various formats and guises, are the bridges that allow businesses to thrive in their ecosystems by leveraging each other''s strengths. The authors show how those bridges, when used appropriately, can help your firm create an alliance network to enhance your business power. The book contains many examples and models to help you shape your own alliance strategy in a world of ever increasing co-opetition. --Ricardo T. Dias, Strategic Alliances Director, Hewlett Packard (HP) Software, Asia Pacific & Japan

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Cover Art
Networking for Every College Student and Graduate: Starting Your Career Off Right - Nierenberg, Andrea; Faulkner, Michael Lawrence;
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 F383 2014
ISBN: 9780133741131
Publication Date: 2013
You've worked hard to gain the knowledge and skills needed for career success. Now, it's time to build a great network of people who'll help you get where you want to go.   Don't know where to start? No problem. Not sure how to present yourself? No problem. You're shy, or an introvert? No problem. Whoever you are, Andrea Nierenberg and Michael Faulkner will gently and patiently guide you through the whole networking process, one easy step at a time.   You'll find simple advice, rules, steps, and "how to" techniques that'll take you all the way from "breaking the ice" to "acing the interview." It's all based on the experience of the world's most successful networkers, combined with the latest research about business and psychology.   These techniques work. You can use them. You can do this!   ·         What networking is, what it isn't, and why you need to do it Getting past the myths and misconceptions (networking is NOT using people!)   ·         What great networkers do--and how you can do it, too Easy lessons anyone can learn from the best   ·         Networking for introverts: there's more than one way to do this Use the surprising networking advantages that come with introversion   ·         Don't just post: Make the most of social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, and beyond: Extend your network, magnify your impact

Cover Art
Networking Works! The Wetfeet Insider Guide to Networking - WetFeet, Inc. Staff
ISBN: 9781582073705
Publication Date: 2004
Most job vacancies are filled well before a job description is posted. How do people know about these secret openings? Networking! This book will show you how to network effectively, even if you don't know where to start. Learn to tap and expand on your existing network, read about alternative means of networking, using online and community resources, and master the subtle art of small talk.

Cover Art
The New Rules: Networking? - Yeung, Rob
ISBN: 9781905736300
Publication Date: 2009
This text provides the essential rules and secrets to successful networking. It addresses the how, why and who of networking to enable virtually anyone to grasp the key skills and do some serious networking.

Cover Art
On Course for Business - Women and Golf - Woo, Suzanne
Call Number: HD 6054.3 .W677 2002
ISBN: 0471442976
Publication Date: 2002
The only woman's guide to using golf in business. Playing golf has long been used by businessmen to advance their careers, but many women are just warming up to the notion of using the game to get ahead. As the only golf book focusing on women who "need to know golf" to succeed at work, On Course for Business contains tips, techniques, and hints that will help the approximately 5.5 million women golfers use the golf course for business and career advancement. This book offers practical advice on business golf for both novice and experienced women golfers that can't be found anywhere else. As women advance further into traditional "male" fields, they will be looking for a guide that addresses this specific need. Suzanne Woo simply explains the role of golf in business, and shows how women can take advantage of this business ritual now.

Cover Art
Power Of Networking: The Power of Using Your Contacts to Advance Your Career - Catt, Hilton
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 C37 1999
ISBN: 0749429755
Publication Date: 1999
"The Power of Networking" shows how to make the best use of the contacts that build up in our personal and professional lives in order to advance our careers. It identifies what networking is and shows how everyone can use networking to their own advantage. Everyone has networks, which are unique to them, and the book shows how to exploit these when necessary. It demonstrates how networks should be built upon throughout life and are becoming increasingly more important in career progression. The authors take the reader through all the stages, from explaining the practicalities of networking, through to making networks work for you -- within your company, in the job market, with the competition and for the self-employed.

Cover Art
The Referral of a Lifetime: The Networking System that Produces Bottom-line Results ... Every Day! - Templeton, Timothy L.; Stephenson, Lynda Rutledge;
ISBN: 9781576758670
Publication Date: 2005
The premier book in the new Ken Blanchard SeriesDescribes a simple approach and system for getting a steady flow of new business through referrals from existing customers-no more cold calls!Nobody likes cold calls. And nobody really needs to make them. The Referral of a Lifetime teaches a step-by-step system that will allow anyone to generate a steady stream of new business through consistent referrals from existing customers and friends and, at the same time, maximize business with existing customers. Your customers and clients already know every new contact you will ever need to succeed-by applying Tim Templeton's system they will naturally refer them to you.The Referral of a Lifetime uses an entertaining fictional story to emphasize the importance of "putting the relationship first"-building an ongoing relationship with customers based on genuine respect and caring, rather than just making the sale and moving on. More than just teaching a system for increasing business success, The Referral of a Lifetime crystallizes people's desire to practice "the golden rule" in business and to be accepted as a professional with integrity and character. This straightforward and powerful book will ultimately change the way you look at all the relationships in your life. The Referral of a Lifetime is the first book in the brand new Ken Blanchard Series. Each book in this series will be hand-picked and introduced by Ken, and will offer simple truths and profound wisdom in Ken's trademark storytelling style.

Cover Art
Resumes, Cover Letters, Networking, and Interviewing - Eischen, Clifford W.; Eischen, Lynn A.;
Call Number: HF 5383 .E424 2013 Career Shelf Reference
ISBN: 9781111820848
Publication Date: 2012
Maximize your degree and land the job you want with RÉSUMÉS, COVER LETTERS, NETWORKING, AND INTERVIEWING. Build the resume that best suits your career goals using today's business technologies, including electronic resume formatting. You'll also learn a simple approach to the entire employment process through coverage of the interview process, cover letters, networking, and job applications.

Cover Art
Social Networking for Career Success - Salpeter, Miriam M.
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 S253 2011 Career Shelf
ISBN: 9781576857823
Publication Date: 2011
James Harold Baxter is living the life he always wanted. Having fought his way to the top, he has chipped out for himself an enviable career, and from a distance he appears to be living the dream. But somewhere along the race up the ladder, Baxter lost his way.A dead body. Scandal. Fearful, shady characters at his heels.How had it come to this?Once is a gripping tale about choices. Weaving suspense with humor and heartwarming details, the charming characters (and perhaps a few not so charming) and honest dialogue combine to create a memorable vision into a life that desperately needs a second chance. And Baxter has only one shot.

Cover Art
Steps to Success: Network with Confidence - Clifton, Daphne
ISBN: 9781408101766
Publication Date: 2007
Are you fed up with trawling round networking events that take vast amounts of time for little return? Do you feel queasy stepping into a room of total strangers to represent yourself or your business? Then this is the book you've been waiting for. Networking is something that can really improve our career prospects, but it is something that many people actively dread. With advice on how to conquer your nerves, ask the right questions, find out about the right events (and work out which ones to avoid), this book offers a straightforward approach to networking that will build confidence in basic skills, as well as tips to hone the skills of the most seasoned networkers.

Cover Art
Superconnect: Harnessing the Power of Networks and the Strength of Weak Links - Koch, Richard; Lockwood, Greg;
Call Number: HM 741 .K67 2010
ISBN: 9780393071603
Publication Date: 2010
In Superconnect, Richard Koch and Greg Lockwood show that success is less about who you are than how you connect--a chance meeting with an old colleague leads to a swanky new job; two businessmen collaborate online and cofound a successful start-up; a friend introduces a promising entrepreneur to a millionaire looking to invest. But why do these lucky breaks always happen to other people?Personal and professional networks shape everything we do, but simply knowing that they exist won't help you harness your connections for maximum success. With an eye toward business applications, Superconnect outlines the new rules of our densely linked society. At the core of the analysis are three simple network components--strong relationships, weak relationships, and hubs--that interact in surprising, counterintuitive ways. Understanding how these components mesh, and connecting unrelated people, is the way to achieve in today's hyper-connected world.

Cover Art
SuperNetworking: Reach the Right People, Build Your Career Network, and Land Your Dream Job -- Now! - Salmon, Michael
Call Number: HD 69 .S8 S25 2004
ISBN: 9781564147004
Publication Date: 2003
SuperNetworking transforms the concept of networking from something vague and arbitrary into a system that is swift, deliberate, effective, and easy-to-follow. Salmon's real-world approach offers explicit directives on how to build and maintain a personal network that will act continuously as a job-getting engine for immediate use or at any time in your professional future. SuperNetworking's step-by-step process shows you exactly how to select the right people for your network, explains the art of extracting promises from your newfound contacts, emphasizes the critical role of a mentor, and provides an effective way to track your progress. Book jacket.

Cover Art
Two Degrees of Separation: Creating a Truly Effective Network of Contacts - Fernandez, Sonia;
ISBN: 9781904879923
Publication Date: 2007
The scientist Stanley Milgram realised that everyone in the world was separated from everyone else by no more than six degrees. In business and in the rest of our lives, creating a network of contacts has become a crucial way of getting ahead or realising our ambitions. gt;However, with the introduction of the Internet, being more than two degrees from a person is the equivalent of being a stranger! In the world of networking and making key contacts, the stakes have just gone up. This book provides cutting-edge advice and information on how to create a genuinely effective network of contacts that you can rely on to achieve your objectives. The author demonstrates how networks are structured and function and how you can utilise the latest technology to ensure your most important contacts are only one or two degrees away.

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