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Sports Business: Marketing, Finance & Management  

Resources UDM owns on sports marketing
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UDM's Books on Sports Marketing

Ambush Marketing in Sports: Theory and Practice - Nufer, Gerd
ISBN: 0203371283
Publication Date: 2013
This text offers comprehensive analysis of the theoretical and practical implications of ambush marketing. Drawing on cutting-edge empirical research data, the book outlines an innovative model for understanding ambush marketing and offers practical advice for all stakeholders, from sponsors and event organizers to media organizations.

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Consumer Behavior Knowledge for Effective Sports and Event Marketing - Lynn R. Kahle; Angeline Close; (Eds.)
Call Number: HF 5415.32 .C65866 2011
ISBN: 0415873576
Publication Date: 2010
The growing complexity and importance of sports and event marketing has pushed scholars and practitioners to apply sophisticated marketing thinking and applications to these topics. This book deals with the professional development in the sense that sports marketing can be viewed as an application of consumer behavior research. Readers will learn about new opportunities in using consumer behavior knowledge effectively in the areas of a)influencing behaviors in society and sports b) building relationships with consumers through sports and events and c) providing services to consumers through sport and event sponsorships. This book, by a superb group of authors, includes comprehensive reviews, innovative conceptual pieces, empirical research and rigorous attention to data. 

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The Elusive Fan: Reinventing Sports in a Crowded Marketplace - Rein, Irving; Kotler, Philip; Shields, Ben; Shields, Ryan;
Call Number: GV 716 .R45 2006
ISBN: 0071454098
Publication Date: 2006
Sports are a multibillion-dollar global business that will continue to grow by leaps and bounds into the foreseeable future. The bad news is: It's never been harder to attract, engage, and retain the sports fan. Today's sports fans are bombarded by choices. Traditional sports, such as baseball, football, and basketball, compete for fans' dollars with snowboarding, lacrosse, poker...even paintball. The old business formulas, developed in the age of three TV networks and creaky stadiums, no longer apply. World-renowned communication expert Irving Rein, international marketing guru Philip Kotler, and communication specialist Ben Shields deliver an innovative new business model centered squarely on fan satisfaction and retention. They give you the tools to transform your sports product into an enduring brand-immune to the vagaries of winning and losing-that quickly adapts to changing market conditions. Along the way they illustrate their points with fascinating case studies, including Manchester United's transformation from a plucky home team to a billion-dollar international franchise Professional golf phenomenon Michelle Wie's quest to maximize her talents and marketability Southlake Carroll High School football team's benchmarking of professional and college football programs to build its own brand Daytona International Speedway's reinvention of fan intimacy Combining expert analysis with field-tested strategies for winning hearts and minds, The Elusive Fan is your guide to surviving and thriving in today's ever-widening world of sports.

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Judgment, Decision-Making and Success in Sport - Michael Bar-Eli; Henning Plessner; Markus Raab; Michael Bar-Eli
ISBN: 9781119977049
Publication Date: 2011
Judgment, Decision-Making and Success in Sport presents a thorough overview and assessment of the study of Judgment and Decision-Making (JDM) in sports psychology, and represents an important source of information for those interested in the possible causes and reasons for success and failure in sport. The only book to apply the principles of JDM to sport Applies theory to practice by looking at problems of athletes, coaches, and referees and providing recommendations for dealing with them Offers an overview of current JDM research Useful for psychologists, physical education teachers, sports scientists, and researchers in this field

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Managing Sport Finance - Wilson, Robert
ISBN: 9780203850008
Publication Date: 2011
All good managers working in sport need to have a clear understanding of the principles of finance and accounting. Whether working in the private, public or voluntary sectors, a firm grasp of the basic concepts and techniques of financial management is essential if a manager is to make effective decisions and to implement those decisions successfully. Managing Sport Financeis the first book to offer a comprehensive introduction to financial management and accounting specifically designed for managers working in sport. The book assumes no prior knowledge of finance or accounting on the part of the reader. It clearly and succinctly guides the reader through each key concept and practical technique, including: balance sheets income statements costing systems and decision making investment appraisal budgeting and budgetary control double entry bookkeeping funding for sport interpreting annual reports Using a rich variety of case studies, examples and data from the real world of sport management, the book places each concept into a managerial context, ensuring that the reader understands why that concept is important and how best to employ each technique. Each chapter also contains a range of useful features, including chapter introductions, learning objectives, activities, summaries, review questions and further reading. This is the most useful, comprehensive and accessible introduction to financial management for sport currently available and is essential reading for any student of sport management or sport development.

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The Olympic Games Effect: How Sports Marketing Builds Strong Brands - Davis, John A.
ISBN: 9781118171691
Publication Date: 2012
Marketing at the Olympics, the attraction and the rewards Essential reading in preparation for the 2012 London Olympics, the newly revised and fully updated second edition of The Olympic Games Effect offers fascinating sports marketing and branding insights into the promotion of the Games themselves, and their unique attraction for corporations in particular. The important lessons of past Olympics will be used to show a hundred year-plus tradition based on a several thousand year old testament to the love of sports and competition, revealing how, in recent years, this has evolved into a seductively attractive vehicle for a wide range of audiences, from consumers to corporations. Loaded with historical information on the Olympics, the book traces the history of the Olympics back to 776 BC. This legacy is vital to the ongoing success of the Olympics, and is at the heart of why brands care so much Packed with illustrations that illustrate how the Games have become arguably the world's most successful sports event and the marketing opportunities this has led to Includes relevant business strategies and recommendations to help companies understand how to make more effective sports sponsorship decisions This timely new edition of The Olympic Games Effect shows the value contributed by sponsoring the world's premier sporting event, and explains how, by extension, other global sports events have the potential to generate similarly impressive results for their sponsors.

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The Sports Event Management and Marketing Playbook - Frank Supovitz
Call Number: GV 716 .S86 2014
ISBN: 9781118244111
Publication Date: 2013
As a sporting event planner, how do you keep up with the trends of the ticket buying public, sponsorship and merchandising while at the same time attending to the hundreds of management and operational details required to execute the event? A successful sports event requires a planner that can read signals from their market and plan strategically to maintain sponsors and a fill an arena.

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Sports Publicity - Joseph Favorito
Call Number: GV 174 .F38 2013
ISBN: 9780415635011
Publication Date: 2012
Effective communications skills are essential for any organization. In this fully revised and updated edition of his groundbreaking guide to communications in sports, Joe Favorito introduces the skills, knowledge and techniques needed to become a successful communicator. Drawing on nearly thirty years of professional experience, including work with the International Baseball Federation, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, Bloomberg Sports and the US Tennis Association, as well as projects with the NFL, USOC, NASCAR, MLB, MLS and many other elite groups and brands in sports and entertainment, Favorito outlines the history of sports PR, explores all the most important professional themes, topics and issues, and highlights exciting opportunities for future growth and development. With a strong emphasis on professional practice and the day-to-day realities of working in sports, the book covers all the core functional areas such as: Effective writing and speaking Building brands Developing contacts and networks Social Media Strategy Gaining experience and internships Crisis management Successful pitching Press conferences Working with individual athletes, teams and league organizations Agents and Agency Understanding the global sports market The second edition includes brand new material on using social media, gaming, and brand integration, as well as extended real-world case studies and interviews with trailblazing PR professionals. No other book offers such a valuable insider’s view of the sports PR industry or the importance of PR and media relations in building successful sports organizations. Sports Publicity is essential reading for all students working in sport business, marketing or communications, and any PR practitioner looking to improve their professional skills and technique.

The Survey of College Sports Marketing Practices - Primary Research Group
Call Number: GV 350 .S87 2013
ISBN: 9781574402339
Publication Date: 2013
This 140-page report presents data from 100 North American colleges and universities about their sports marketing efforts. The study includes detailed data on the usage plans and spending by survey participants on ticket consultants, direct mail, web ads, website optimization, opt-in email, site sponsorships, student and mainstream newspaper and magazine ads, radio, television, billboards and other marketing vehicles. The study furnishes detailed info and spending data on the use of Facebook, Google, Yahoo and other major internet sites in sports marketing. The study also looks at overall sports marketing budgets and trends for this budget as well as for ticket sales in basketball, football, baseball and other sports. In addition it covers trends in the use of public relations firms, market research firms, advertising agencies and other consultants, social media and blogs, sports yearbooks, podcasts and other promotional venues and tactics. Data is broken out by Divisions 1, 2, and 3, by college enrollment, college type, and for public or private status.

Sport Brands - Bouchet, Patrick; Hillairet, Dieter; Bodet, Guillaume;
ISBN: 0203114663
Publication Date: 2013
This text covers the whole heterogeneity of sport brands, going much further than the sport team and league brands covered in most other books. As well as teams and leagues, the book considers the brands of sports celebrities, events, media, computer games and governing bodies, as well as the ethical, professional and technological 'label brands' associated with sport. Richly illustrated with cases, examples and data, the book explores the tangible and intangible influence of sport brands, their economic and social value, and the subcultures and communities that grow up around them.

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Sport, Beer, and Gender: Promotional Culture and Contemporary Social Life - Wenner, Lawrence A.; Jackson, Steven J.;
Call Number: GV 716 .S585 2009
ISBN: 1433100762
Publication Date: 2008
Sport, Beer, and Gender: Promotional Culture and Contemporary Social Life brings together a group of esteemed international scholars to focus on the important, complex, and mutually reinforcing relationships between sport, beer, and gender in fashioning promotional strategies and shaping global cultures of consumption. Collectively, the book examines a well-known social constellation that has received little specific scholarly attention although it sits at the axis of many lines of expanding inquiry in sport studies, media studies, gender studies, cultural studies, consumer studies, and the study of alcohol and substance abuse. The essays gathered here interrogate and trace beer as a commodity as it circumnavigates the circuit of commodification including: (1) institutions and production, (2) texts and representation, and (3) consumption and reception; they explore how it moves from concept to reality, from the private to the public realm, and ultimately its effects on contemporary gendered identity.

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Sports, Inc: 100 Years of Sports Business: event Evolution, Global Properties, Sponsorship, Franchise Relocation, Radio and Television, Stadium Issues, Endorsements - Schaaf, Phil
Call Number: GV 716 .S315 2004
ISBN: 159102112X
Publication Date: 2003
It’s not just a game anymore. Sports today, at both the amateur and professional level, is big business, and more and more people are becoming involved in the exciting careers and financial opportunities that sports entertainment offers. In this comprehensive overview of the sports industry Phil Schaaf traces the global evolution of sports entertainment, dissects current trends, and forecasts the likely evolution of sports as a major international enterprise. Divided into two parts, Schaaf begins with a historical overview of the forces that shaped teams, leagues, and sporting events from 1896 to 1975. Focusing on such diverse personalities as Jack Dempsey, George Halas, Babe Ruth, and Joe Louis, Schaaf illustrates how the star power of big-name athletes and the marketing savvy of promoters and business interests defined and cultivated the structure of sports entertainment that we know today. He also discusses the critical impact of such historical events as the integration of baseball, postwar euphoria, and acceptance of radio and television in the formation of the contemporary sports scene. The second part of the book begins in 1976 as the modern professional athlete starts to enjoy newfound legal leverage in labor matters and the "stadium game" becomes a major component of today’s successful sports enterprises. Schaaf addresses criticisms that deals to build expensive new sports facilities represent corporate welfare at its worst, and he examines the real costs and benefits to teams and local communities. He also discusses the changing face of ownership and the clout of major stars and big-market sports cities. With the net worth of individual owners approaching one billion dollars, a minority of players receiving the bulk of payrolls, and the financial muscle of such big cities as New York and Los Angeles endangering the competitive balance, sports is no longer the entertainment our parents remember. With the latest information on one of the most dynamic and growing areas of the entertainment industry, Sports Inc. will enlighten students interested in a career in sports entertainment, sports marketing experts, and hardcore fans alike.

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Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism - LaFeber, Walter
Call Number: GV 884 .J67 L34 2002
ISBN: 0393323692
Publication Date: 2002
With Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism, Walter LaFeber has written a biography, a social history, and a far-ranging economic critique. From basketball prodigy to international phenomenon to seductive commercial ideal, Michael Jordan is the supreme example of how American corporations have used technology in a brave, massively wired new world to sell their products in every corner of the globe. LaFeber's examination of Nike and its particular dominion over the global marketplace is often scathing, while his fascinating mini-biography of Michael Jordan and the commercial history of basketball reveal much about American society. For this new paperback edition, LaFeber has added a chapter on globalization in a changed world, after mass protests and since September 11. "Bold, riveting....Brilliantly illuminates how hyper-US capitalism has spread its financial wings around the globe."--Douglas Brinkley "LaFeber brings an impressive intellect to bear on his subject."--Barbara Rudolph, Chicago Tribune

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Team Sports Marketing - Wakefield, Kirk L.
Call Number: GV 716 .W33 2007
ISBN: 0750679794
Publication Date: 2011
Some might argue that sports marketing is a mere subfield of marketing, meaning that there are theoretical and practical dimensions that apply only to sports marketing and are only of interest to those involved in sports. In Team Sports Marketing, author Kirk Wakefield dispels this argument by demonstrating that effective sports marketing epitomizes the science and art of marketing across any context. At the core of sports marketing is the creation and enhancement of fan identification, where consumers are not just loyal customers, but have become brand fanatics. Team Sports Marketing shows that while many aspects of sports marketing are thought to be unique to the field, other product and service sectors would do well to learn from teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL that have transformed customers into fans. Moving beyond principles of marketing, Team Sports Marketing is packed with examples of best practices and covering subjects as diverse as sponsorships, season ticket sales, venue management and all topics in between. Team Sports Marketing is a must read text for students and managers in professional and collegiate sports. Support materials for professors and students are available at

Cover Art
Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism - LaFeber, Walter
Call Number: GV 884 .J67 L34 1999
ISBN: 0393047474
Publication Date: 1999
Walter LaFeber's timely analysis looks at the ways that triumphant capitalism, coupled with high-tech telecommunications, is conquering the nations of the world, one mind-one pair of feet-at a time.

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Branded: Branding in Sports Business - Lee, Jason W.
Call Number: GV 716 .B75 2010
ISBN: 9781594605062
Publication Date: 2010

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Handbook of Sports and Media - Arthur A. Raney; Jennings Bryant; (Eds.)
Call Number: GV 742 .H35 2006
ISBN: 0805851895
Publication Date: 2006
This distinctive Handbook covers the breadth of sports and media scholarship, one of the up-and-coming topics bridging media entertainment, sports management, and popular culture. Organized into historical, institutional, spectator, and critical studies perspectives, this volume brings together the work of many researchers into one quintessential volume, defining the full scope of the subject area. Editors Arthur Raney and Jennings Bryant have recruited contributors from around the world to identify and synthesize the research representing numerous facets of the sports-media relationship. nbsp; As a unique collection on a very timely topic, the volume offers chapters examining the development of sports media; production, coverage, and economics of sports media; sports media audiences; sports promotion; and race and gender issues in sports and media. Unique in its orientation and breadth, the Handbook of Sports and Media is destined to play a major role in the future development of this fast-growing area of study. It is a must-have work for scholars, researchers, and graduate students working in media entertainment, media psychology, mass media/mass communication, sports marketing and management, popular communication, popular culture, and cultural studies.

Cover Art
Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans - Stotlar, David K.
Call Number: GV 716 .S738 2005
ISBN: 1885693567
Publication Date: 2004
In this updated edition, internationally renowned sport marketing professor David Stotlar takes you inside some of the most lucrative sport organisations to explain how to build a sponsorship plan that works. Drawing on his marketing experience and an understanding of the sport industry that can only come from an insider, he provides the specific issues to consider, the essential questions to guide your thinking, and the right exercises to help you develop and implement a sponsorship plan that is beneficial to both program and sponsor, including fully updated analyses of the latest sponsors and athlete endorsements, as well as a new 'Best Practices' section to conclude each chapter. With this latest edition of 'Developing Successful Sport Sponsorship Plans', students as well as professionals can use this definitive, well-tested protocol to construct their own successful sponsorship plans.

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Sports Marketing and the Psychology of Marketing Communications - Lynn R. Kahle; Chris Riley; (Eds.)
Call Number: GV 716 .S649 2004
ISBN: 0805848266
Publication Date: 2004-02-10
Sports marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing communication. This book advances understanding in this emerging area. It presents sports marketing in a scholarly and comprehensive way, covering major topics of discussion in sports marketing and the psychology of communication. Several new, innovative topics are introduced, such as SportNEST and consumption communities, and many classic topics are brought up to date, including sponsorship, ambush marketing, identification, endorsements, basking in reflected glory, and licensing. Many of the topics that seem to center around sports show up as well, such as sneakers, ethics, risky behavior, and even investments. Utilizing a psychological approach to understanding sports marketing, first-rate authors discuss the most important topics. The book covers all major topics of sports marketing, including: sponsorship from several different perspectives--the major force in sports marketing; ambush marketing--how non-sponsors seek to reap the benefits without paying the price; and licensing--using the sale of items, such as T-shirts to increase profit and marketing.

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Money Games: The Business of Sport - Weiss, Ann E.
Call Number: GV 716 .W45 1993
ISBN: 0395574447
Publication Date: 1993
Reviews the place of sports in history & examines the financial forces that shape sports today: profit motive, league control, TV rights, gambling, endorsement contracts, & others.

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